1963, Volume 9, Issue 6
563-569 Ravich-shcherbo M.I.
Current concepts on the mechanism of antibody synthesis
570-574 Tilis A.Iu., Levin G.S., Kalugina V.I.
Serum protein regeneration after acute blood loss in various seasons of the year
575-581 Ponomareva T.F.
Glutamic oxaloacetic and glutamic pyruvic transaminase activities in various human tumors
581-583 Komnatnaia L.I.
Transaminases in human saliva
583-587 Fedorov I.V., Khazen I.M., Sturua G.G.
Study of the ratio between 17-hydroxycorticosteroid and 5-hydroxyindolacetic acid excretion in pilots
587-592 Ataullakhanov Ia.
The copper and iron content of the organs of pregnant women and dynamics of the accumulation of these elements in the fetal organism
592-596 Trapezontseva R.A.
Daily excretion of 17-hydroxycorticosteroids in patients with stomach cancer
597-600 Iudaev N.A., Razina L.G.
Study of the stimulating effect of acth and reduced triphosphopyridine nucleotide on the formation of corticosteroids from cholesterin-4c-14
601-603 Baiburtian A.G.
The ammonia and glutamine content of the arterial blood and cerebrospinal fluid in certain nervous and mental diseases
603-610 Sheves G.S., Dergousova E.A., Riumina V.I., Skachedub G.E.
The action of insulin on metabolism in animals with experimental hyperthyroidism
610-614 Lifshits V.M.
The content of certain trace elements in human erythrocytes, leukocytes and blood plasma
614-621 Tikhonenko T.I., Artamonova V.A., Bushmarina T.V.
Isolation and characteristics of nucleic acid preparations from tumors
621-626 Zubairov D.M.
On the stability of the agent inducing increased blood coagulation after acute blood loss
626-633 Evtikhina Z.F., Orekhovich V.N., Shpikiter V.O.
Purification and certain properties of highly active splenic cathepsin
633-636 Belchenko D.I.
Inhibition of hexokinase activity by the blood serum of feverish animals
637-639 Bogoiavlenskaia N.V., Tsai L.W., Wang L.F.
The quantitative determination of rna in nucleotide-containing samples, using paper disks
639-642 Zhalko-titarenko V.F.
On the quantitative study of the electrophoregram in the paper electrophoresis of blood serum proteins
643-645 Moskvitina T.A., Kochetov G.A.
Isolation and purification of transketolase from rat liver
646-648 Gorkin V.Z.
On the chromatographic separation of mitochondrial aminoxidases
651-652 Lind Kh.P., Tiakhepuld L.Ia.
In memory of professor E. E. Martinson
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