1961, Volume 7, Issue 3
227-242 Kaplanskii S.Ia., Wang C.Y.
Oxidation of tyrosine in the animal organism and adaptive formation of enzymes participating in its metabolism
243-245 Kuzhman M.I.
Effect of loccl anesthetics on respiratory phosphorylation
246-250 Selivanova K.F.
Electrophoretic examination of protein fractions of the blood serum in experimental hyperthyroidism
250-259 Volkova R.I., Godovikov N.N., Kabachnik M.I., Magazanik L.G., Mastriukova T.A., Mikhel'son M.Ia., Rozhkova E.K., Fruentov N.K., Iakovlev V.A.
Chemical structure and biological activity of organic phosphate cholinesterase inhibitors
259-265 Babushkina L.M.
The mechanism of phospholipid and nucleic acid secretion with the intestinal juice
265-270 Pustovalova L.M.
Amino acid composition of cholera and cholera-like Vibrio
270-272 Urbaniuk K.G.
Content of the factor V in hypertension
273-276 Korotkocuchko V.P., Dvornikova P.D., Ishchenko I.N.
Activity of certain glycolytic enzymes in the blood of patients with neoplastic diseases
277-285 Kratinov A.G., Khar'kova N.M.
Glycemic reactions to adrenalin, insulin and histamine in plague intoxication
285-291 Firfarova K.F., Kedrova E.M.
Changes in crystalline lens proteins in experimental radiation cataract
291-296 Feigin G.A.
Free amino acids in the cerebrospinal fluid in otogenic intracranial complications
297-301 Debov S.S., Chao T.R., Mardashev S.R.
Biosynthesis of uracil by E. coli
309-313 Vaisfel'd I.L.
Urinary excretion of 5-hydroxyindolacetic acid in certain diseases of the nervous system
313-319 Zaitseva N.N.
Oxidative phosphorylation in tissues of the skeletal muscle in experimental vitamin E deficiency
320-323 Ivanova G.V., Lisovskaia N.P.
Use of Russian ion exchange resins in the production of glucose-1-phosphate
324-325 Alekseeva A.M., Tkachenko A.V.
On testicular synthesis of creatine
326-328 In memoriam: Ivan Nikolaevich BULANKIN, February 9, 1901--October 31, 1960    
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