1961, Volume 7, Issue 6
563-574 Samoilov P.M.
Biochemical changes in the cardiac muscle in thyrotoxicosis
574-578 Fedotova A.M.
Role of the liver in blood iron reactions in experimental inflammation
578-585 Okulov V.I.
Effect of various reagents on results in the electrophoretic and saline fractionation of blood serum proteins
585-592 Tarasova L.S.
Effect of citral on the content of glycoproteins and lipoproteins in conditions of experimental development of atherosclerosis
592-598 Zenkevich G.D.
Glycoproteins in the blood serum during the process of bone tissue regeneration after fractures and transplantation
598-604 Lando L.I.
Effect of insulin and electroconvulsive seizures on the aminopherase activity of the blood serum in schizophrenic patients
605-608 Liu Y.T.
Effect of beryllium and some other bivalent cations on the phosphoglucomutase activity of muscles
608-614 Zakharova A.V., Tiurlikova L.P., Tkachenko A.V.
Content of nucleic acids, ascorbic acid and some phosphorus compounds in guinea pigs during restorative regeneration of the skeletal muscles
614-619 Domaradskii I.V., Klimova I.M., Tokareva A.A.
Effect of plague microbe toxins on blood proteins and incorporation of methionine-S35 into tissue proteins
620-624 Rozenfel'd E.L., Kostiukovskaia O.M.
Fucose and other carbohydrate components of various gamma-globulins
625-628 Vialykh M.F.
Oxygen absorption and phosphorylation in heart tissue homogenates in experimental aortic stenosis in the rabbit
628-631 Ermolaev K.M., Kirillova S.I., Maimind V.I.
Synthesis of 2-C-14-acetaminomalonic ester and 2-C-14-hydroxyproline
632-638 Gorkin V.Z.
Role of zinc in the amine oxidase activity of the blood serum
639-642 Teregulov A.G., Bogoiavlenskii V.F.
On staining of blood lipoproteins separated by the method of paper electrophoresis
642-647 Kostiukovskaia O.M., Zhukov A.V.
Comparative evaluation of various methods of determination of glycoproteins in the blood serum
648-651 Bichin L.P.
A simple device for drying from the frozen state and concentration of protein solutions
652-655 Rubina Kh.M., Romanchuk L.A.
Quantitative determination with the aid of the spectrophotometric method of SH groups in whole and protein-free blood
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