1961, Volume 7, Issue 2
120-132 Iakovlev N.N.
The problem of stable conditions in muscle activity
132-136 Tsynkalovskii I.B.
Thromboplastin activity of the blood in Botkin's disease
136-141 Rysanek K.., Vitek V..
Ornithine-carbamyl-transferase and glutamate-aspartate-transaminase in the blood serum in liver diseases
145-149 Domaradskii I.V., Klimova I.M., Perevalova L.G.
Effect of plague microbe toxin on phosphorus metabolism in the liver
149-154 P'ian C.T.
Inclusion of phenylalanine-C14 into proteins of transplanted animal tumors
154-158 Chan C..
Effect of certain biologically-active substances on the respiration and restoration of phosphorus compounds in brain slices
158-163 Preobrazhenskaia M.E., Kuznetsova V.M., Rozenfel'd E.L.
Studies on the activity of yeast glucans in relation to the properdin system
163-166 Samofal Ts..
On iodine, copper and manganese contents in the blood, liver and kidneys in experimental hypothyroidism
166-172 Chikalo I.I.
Thiamine uptake and distribution rate in the ocular tissue
172-178 Oppel' V.V.
Modification of skin proteins after thermal burns
179-186 Bychkov S.M.
Isolation and fractionation from various tissues of acid mucopolysaccharides
190-196 Uzbekov G.A.
Chemical and physico-chemical basis of the transparency and opacity of the optic apparatus of the eye
197-200 Dubinskii A.A.
Detection and isolation of a serum glycoprotein obstructing coronary outflow
201-208 Severin S.E., Tseitlin L.A.
Anaerobic conversion of carbohydrates in myocardial tissues in normal conditions and in experimental myocarditis
209-210 Babiuk I.., Masek K..
A simple graphic presentation of a proteinogram
212-214 Mil'man L.S.
Characteristics of cytoplasmic RNA fractions non-extractable with phenol
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