1958, Volume 4, Issue 6
399-404 Grolmashevskaia L.L.
Vitamin C content in the organism and alkaline phosphatase activity of the blood serum
405-413 Batalin V.I.
Changes of oxidation-reduction enzyme activity in animals in infections and during penicillin therapy
414-424 Novikova M.A.
Effect of sarcolysin on radiophosphorus and nucleic acid inclusion in splenic tumors in rats
425-430 Vilenkina G.Ya., Shliakhtina O.N.
Symptoms of vitamin B6 deficiency in normal and toxemic pregnancies
431-438 Kirsanova V.A.
Studies on a combined effect of dopane and 4-aminopteroyl amino adipic acid on growth of certain transplanted tumors and on biosynthesis of nucleic acids
439-442 Zubovskaia A.M., Tongur V.S.
Protein synthesis in mitochondrial disorders
455-463 Severina V.A., Gracheva I.V., Gorskaia S.V.
Balance and metabolism of amino nitrogen in Actinomyces streptomycini during growth and development processes
464-466 Derviz G.V., Lazarevskii S.A.
Double manometric apparatus for the analysis of blood gases; double van Slyke's apparatus
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