1958, Volume 4, Issue 1
3-7 Ostrovskii I.M.
Studies on thiamine metabolism in pulmonary tuberculosis
8-14 Mikhlin S.Ya., Geimberg V.G., Pavlova Z.M.
The role of microflora in the destruction of enterokinase and phosphatase in the large intestine of the rabbit
15-20 Kruchakova F.A.
Study of the rates of incorporation of radioactive iron (Fe59) into the nuclei and cytoplasm of normal tissues and tumor tissues in animals after the administration of different iron preparations
21-26 Domaradskii I.V., Semenushkina A.F.
Utilization of the carbon of acetic acid by the plague bacillus
27-32 Annenkov G.A.
Comparative studies on the dynamics of synthesis of antibodies and of non-specific gamma globulins
33-38 Kushko I.V., Konikov A.P., Shcheglova A.S.
Purification and crystallization of erythrogenic scarlet fever toxin
39-42 Zakharova V.K.
The distribution of total phosphorus and lipid phosphorus in organs of animals with experimental tuberculosis being treated with streptomycin
43-49 Leutskii K.M., Liubovich E.N.
Impairment of cholesterol metabolism in vitamin A deficiency
50-58 Punchenok N.A., Braun A.D.
Creatinuria in the newborn
59-64 Bychkov S.M., Fomina V.A.
Interaction of chondromucoid and procollagen
65-68 Dil'man V.M.
Determination of total cholesterol in small samples of blood
69-76 Uzbekov G.A.
Determination of amino nitrogen in proteins and amino acids by a colorimetric ninhydrin method
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