1957, Volume 3, Issue 3
163-176 Iakavlev N.N.
Biochemical mechanisms of the increase in working capacity and their realization in the training process
177-182 Tarasova L.S.
Distribution of cholesterol in protein fractions of blood serum in patients having atherosclerosis
183-189 Kruchakova F.A.
Influence of dietary protein components on iron assimilation
190-194 Oivin V.I., Koretskaia L.S., Khashimov D.M., Vaisburd I.Ya.
Distribution of antibodies in protein fractions of blood plasma of patients having acute dysentery
195-201 Orekhovich V.N., Pavlikhina L.V.
The transformation of procollagen into collagen
202-209 Seits I.F.
Metabolism of some phosphorus compounds in erythrocytes
210-217 Davydova S.Ya.
Metabolism of nucleic acids in rabbit tissues during resorption of Brown-Pearce carcinoma under the influence of ultra-sounds
218-227 Cherniak N.B.
Study on respiration and glycolysis in leukocytes
228-232 Lu ZH SH
Effect of antibiotics on alpha-amino acid amidases and acylases in bacteria
233-237 Nadirashvili S.A.
Apparatus for the measurement of surface tension of colloidal solutions
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