1956, Volume 2, Issue 4
243-251 Il'in V.S., Titova G.V.
Relation of hexokinase-inhibiting properties of beta-lipoprotein fraction of blood serum to cortisone and insulin
252-254 Kachanova S.G.
Urinary excretion of ether-bound sulfuric acid in cancer
255-261 Druzhinina K.V., Iudaev N.A.
Corticosteroid content in the adrenals in cattle in various age groups
262-269 Zakharova V.K.
Stimulation of phosphorus metabolism in animals by tissue implants
269-271 Fokina T.V.
Excretion of stercobilin in children
272-277 Kirsanova V.A., Tustanovskii A.A.
Effect of 4-aminopteroylaminoadipic acid on the rate of biosynthesis and nucleic acid content in tissues in mice with implanted acute lymphatic leukosis
278-286 Lebedeva M.B.
Effect of cortisone and desoxycorticosterone on protein metabolism
287-292 Konstantinov A.A.
Stimulating and tonic effects of Schizandra chinensis and ginseng
294-298 Lestrovaia N.N., Mardashev S.R.
Synthesis of peptides of phenylalanine and of tyrosine by chymotrypsin
299-304 Sarvachev K.F.
Effect of ether anesthesia on distribution of radioactive phosphorus in the liver, kidneys, and blood in rats
309-315 Lapin L.N.
Micromethod in determination of antimony in blood and urine in visceral leishmaniasis during solusurmin therapy
316-318 Balakhovskii I.S.
Photometric determination of the degree of saturation of the blood with oxygen
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