1962, Volume 8, Issue 3
227-236 Rubel' V.M.
Biochemistry of the heart muscle in myocardial infarct
236-238 Garkina I.N.
Pangamic acid (vitamin B-15), its nature, properties and production
238-241 Kuz'mina S.N.
On the structure of lipoproteins in the white substance of the brain in animals
242-247 Prokopenko L.G.
Changes in the content of protein in the blood serum during roentgen-irradiation of the organism
247-253 Dzhaparidze M.N., Rykshina N.A.
Effect of plague microbes on some aspects of the metabolism in animals sensitive to plague. VIII. Inclusion of acetate labeled with C-14 into free amino acids in mouse tissues in plague infection
253-256 Chikalo I.I.
Use of thiamine by ocular tissues in herpetic keratitis
256-260 Lukshina N.I.
On the effect of benactyzine on the activity of monoamine oxidase in the brain and liver in cats
260-263 Khachatrian G.S.
Content of galactolipids in the brain of white rats in various functional conditions of the brain
264-270 Tiakhepyl'd L..
Changes in the degree of amination and of some physico-chemical properties of brain proteins in disorders of binding of ammonia by the liver
270-274 Karpiuk S.A., Germaniuk Ia.L.
Aminopherase activity and protein fraction content in the blood serum in some diseases of abdominal organs
274-276 Del'va V.A.
Content of manganese in the human brain
276-279 Khaustova I.M., Ugleva A.I.
Purification and concentration of toxin and anatoxin from CI. perfringens
279-283 Tseitlin L.A.
Adenylic system and creatine phosphate components in the rabbit myocardium in conditions of experimental myocarditis
283-288 Rudchenko Iu.A.
Effect of prolonged antibacterial therapy on vitamin B6 metabolism
289-293 Leites S.M., Chou S..
On the nature of some aspects of fat metabolism in stress conditions
293-298 Fan M.C.
Inactivation of antihemophilia globulin by thrombin
298-304 Urbaniuk K.G.
Nicotinic acid in the diagnosis of pre-thrombotic conditions
305-306 Lazarov N., Mirchev V.
Determination of the copper content in the blood
306-314 Khmelevskii Iu.V.
Separation and determination of phosphate ester of thiamine in animal tissues by means of the method of starch block electrophoresis
314-315 Bichin L.P.
A simple device for measuring optical densities of dilute solutions by means of the SF-4 spectrophotometer
316-319 Nezlin R.S.
Determination of small quantities of proteins and amino acids with the aid of photoelectrocolorimetry
320-322 Mardashev S.R., Burobin V.A.
Detection of histidase in the blood in carbon tetrachloride poisoning
323-324 Mittel'shtedt A.A.
On the problem of clinical biochemistry
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