1957, Volume 3, Issue 6
403-408 Kondrashova M.N.
Effect of strophanthin K on aerobic phosphorylation of the myocardium
409-413 Khanina M.F.
Effect of Bac. perfringens toxin and of certain other hemolytic agents on blood catalase and peroxidase
414-419 Kalmakov V.N.
Effect of vitamin C on hypercholesterinemia in fasting rabbits
420-427 Kostygov N.M.
Effect of thiol compounds and mercury on secretion and resynthesis of proteins and lipoids in the small intestine
428-438 Luganova I.S., Seits I.F., Teodorovich V.I.
Coordination of respiration and glycolysis and associated phosphorylation in leukocytes
440-450 Efimochkina E.F., Ottesen B.V., Alekseev I.V., Bichin L.P.
Studies on the metabolism of ammonium citrate, glycine and DL-glutamic acid labeled with N15 in normal conditions and in vitamin B6 deficient rats
451-455 Kaplanskii S.Ia., Kuzovleva O.B., Starosel'tseva L.K.
Paper electrophoresis of liver proteins
456-463 Telepneva V.I.
Oxidative phosphorylation in the muscle tissue following denervation
464-469 Gaberman V.V.
Ultramicromethod of determination of ammonia
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