1962, Volume 8, Issue 1
3-16 Mazurov V.I.
Biosynthesis and fibrillogenesis of collagen proteins
17-20 Voskoboinikov G.V.
Iron metabolism disorders in livers of irradiated mice
20-23 Alferova V.A., Raskin I.M.
Xanthurenuria and the amount of vitamin B6 in the blood of patients with chronic hepatitis
23-27 Starosel'skii D.V.
On the pathogenesis of dyslipoidemia in jaundice
27-30 Torjescu V., Biutescu E., Zacharia A.C., Tiufescu M., Calata M., Carauleanu E.
Activity of aldolase, pseudocholinesterase and transaminases in the blood serum in epidemic hepatitis
30-34 Lazidi G.Kh.
Content of proteins, potassium and calcium in the blood serum of patients with bronchial aythma
35-38 Anasashvili A.Ts.
Content of sialic acids in the blood serum of normal patients and of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis
38-42 Kursanova V.A., Gurevich-usyskina Iu.S.
Effect of salcolysin and 6-diethylamino-7-methylpurine on the inclusion of formate-C14 into nucleic acids
42-47 Pukhal'skaia E.Ch.
The mechanism of action of serotonin on tumors. Protection from the oxidation of the organism by active groups of 5-hydroxytryptamine
47-52 Andreenko G.V., Chazov E.I.
Use of fibrinolysin in experimental thrombosis
53-58 Koplanskii S.Ia., Aziavchik A.V.
Content of sulfhydryl compounds in separate fractions of serum proteins in patients with liver cirrhosis, cholecystitis and nephritis
58-64 Miul'berg A.A., Sytinskii Ia.., Chaika T.V.
Electrophoretic separation of soluble proteins in tumors of the human bran
64-68 Agol V.I., Vladimirtseva E.A.
Some respiratory and glycolytic co-enzymes in tumor cells treated with antisera
69-72 Kudriashov B.A., Molchanova L.V., Bazaz'ian G.G., Kalishevskaia T.M., Sytina N.P.
Preventive effects of antithrombin Vi in experimental thrombogenesis
73-77 Nikol'skaia I.I., Budovskii E.I.
On desoxyribonuclease activity of venoms of some snakes
78-82 Meshkova N.P., Lipskaia T.Iu., Oreshnikova N.A.
Oxidative phosphorylation and glycolysis in the muscle tissue in local tetanus
83-86 Uzbekova D.G.
Effect of glutamic acid and caffeine on the content of glutamine, ammonia, glutamic and adenosinetriphosphoric acids in the greater hemispheres of the brain
87-92 Derviz G.V., Mogilei I.M., Kimeral R.E.
A double manometric apparatus with a magnetic mixer for the analysis of blood gases
93-94 Georgiev G.P., Mant'eva V.D.
On the presence of ribonucleic acid of the AU type in the chromosomo-nucleolar apparatus
95-99 Sigrist A.V.
On the problem of clinical biochemistry
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