1962, Volume 8, Issue 6
563-567 Debov S.S.
Effect of antimetabolites of pyrimidine bases on the synthesis of nucleic acids
578-581 Pustovalova L.M.
Nucleic acids in Vibrio cholerae and paracholera
586-592 Iusupova S.A.
On the effect of thyroid gland hormones on the correlation of separate protein fractions in the blood serum and liver
592-598 Savitskii I.V., Rozanov A.Ia., Pozdniakova L.E.
Effect of roentgen irradiation on the phosphorylation of thiamine
599-603 Chagovets N.R.
Sarcoplasm proteins in muscle during exertion and rest
603-607 Chertkova M.A., Kharakter Zh.Z.
Effect of glutamic acid on the amino acid structure of the blood serum in experimental tuberculosis
608-611 Soroka V.R.
Effect of thermal burns on the content of copper in brain tissue
611-616 Severin S.E., Tseitlin L.A.
Features of glycolytic oxidation-reduction in myocardial extracts
616-620 Lozovskii D.V.
On tryptophan metabolism in patients with schizophrenia
621-624 Meerson F.Z., Pogosova A.V.
Incorporation of labelled amino acids into the total proteins and proteins of myocardial nuclei in compensated hyperfunction and hypertrophy of the heart
625-627 Gorn L.E.
Nephelo-colorimetric method of the determination of lead in biological fluids
628-634 Popens Ia., Silin'sh E., Vitols I.
Fluorometric determination of 11-hydroxycorticosteroids in human blood plasma
634-638 Kibardin S.A., Boldasov V.K.
Isolation of influenza virus from allantoic fluid by chromatography on hydroxyl apatite
646-650 Tatarinov Iu.S.
Some controversial questions in the monograph of V. I. Sachkov
651-652 Gaitskhoki V.S., Razumovskaia N.I.
Nucleic acids
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