1956, Volume 2, Issue 6
399-408 Petrun'kina A.M., Dmitrieva S.A., Silina L.I.
The content of codehydrogenase in human blood after the administration of vitamins B1 and B2 and the effect of various agents on the phosphorylation of vitamin B1
409-416 Chernysheva G.V.
Changes of the secretory activity of the stomach and in the excretion of proteins with gastric juice in starvation and protein deficiency
417-423 Sidel'nikova E.F., Rozina R.I.
Bromide metabolism in rabbits with experimental tuberculous meningitis
424-427 Salganik R.I.
Effect of various physiological conditions of the body on plasma protein capacity to bind methionins-S35 in vitro
428-437 Troitskii G.V., Tarasova L.S.
Effect of substance increasing the content of alpha- and beta-globulins in blood on the development of alimentary hypercholesterinemia and atherosclerosis
438-442 Verkhovtseva T.P., Surikova E.I.
Quantitative chromatography of vitamin B12 produced by some microorganisms
443-449 Martinson E.E., Tiakhepyl'd L.Ia., Khanson Kh.M., Gur'ianova G.G.
Effects of prolonged inhibition of induced by chemotherapeutic sleep on the carbohydrate metabolism, respiration and adenosinetriphosphate synthesis in the brain and the effects of ascorbic acid
450-451 Vilenkina G.Ya.
Excretion of 5-amino-4-imidazolecarboxamide in human urine
452-456 Soprunov F.F., Babaeva A.Kh.
Gravimetric method for the determination of the specific gravity of blood, plasma proteins, hemoglobin content and hematocrit values
457-461 Kreps E.M., Bolotinskii E.A., Goshtein L.S., Maksimov N.N.
Registering cathode oxyhemograph
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