1960, Volume 6, Issue 2
115-120 Shtraub F.B.
On the role of ribonucleic acids in protein synthesis
121-127 Rashkovan B.A., Letkina N.P.
Changes of the concentration of urea in the blood under the influence of urea loads
128-130 Gorodyskii V.I., Veselaia I.V.
Content of copper, zinc, and cadmium in organs of rabbits with malignant tumors
131-135 Shefer L.B.
Metabolism of vitamin BI in tuberculous patients
136-145 Razina L.G.
Effect of cortisone acetate on the activity of transaminases in rabbit tissues
146-150 Larskii E.G.
On the nature of substances giving differential reactions with sera of rheumatic patients
151-157 Alimova M.M.
Glycocoll and glyoxylic and oxalic acids in urine in normal infants during their first year of life
158-165 Kokonov M.T.
Ethylene-an endogenous substance in tumor-carriers
166-168 Dolgova Z.Ia.
Content of ascorbic acid in guinea pig organs after a single-dose roentgen ray irradition
169-175 Tseitlin L.A.
Enzymatic decomposition of glycogen in the liver in medication sleep
176-183 Fomina L.S.
Content of certain enzymes in the intestine and other organs of the human fetus
183-187 Uzbekov G.A.
Role of ascorbic acid and cysteine in disintoxication of the organism in lead poisoning
188-191 Kuzhman M.I.
On the mechanism of action of cocaine on respiration of the nerve tissue
192-197 Khavkin Iu.A., Levin G.S.
Investigation of pathological gamma-globulin isolated from the blood serum in a case of multiple myeloma
198-202 Zateishchikova N.O.
Synthesis of glycine in normal and malignant tissues
206-214 Rozanov A.Ia.
Use of a thiochromatic method for the determination of thiamine-S35 in urine
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