1961, Volume 7, Issue 4
339-353 Cherniak N.B.
Chemical composition and metabolism of blood platelets
354-358 Triufanov V.F.
Inclusion of methionine-S35 into liver proteins after the administration of cortisone and during starvation in rats
358-362 P'an C.T.
Inclusion of lysine-1-C14 into proteins of transplanted tumors and various organs in rats
363-371 Kondrashova M.N.
Effect of strophanthin-K on aerobic phosphorylation during its decrease by some inhibitors
372-380 Chetverikova E.P.
Effect of papaverine on some processes of carbohydrate-phosphorus metabolism in the myocardial tissue
381-384 Plotnikova N.E.
Inhibiting effects of glycerin on plasmin and trypsin
384-390 Ivanov I.I., Mirovich N.I., Zhakhova Z.N., Tukachinskii S.E.
On water-soluble myofibril proteins of the myometrium
390-396 Libinzon R.E.
Chemical composition of human bone marrow
396-401 Bychkov S.M.
On the isolation of chondroitin sulfate for hyaline cartilage
401-408 Debov S.S.
Metabolism of 5-bromo-6-hydroxypyrimidine in the rat liver
409-417 The intensity of proteolysis and the content of free amino acids in normal and denervated muscles    
425-433 Severina V.A., Gorskaia S.V., Gracheva I.V.
Role of amides in the biosynthesis of streptomycin
434-437 Kulganek V., Klaska V.
A simplified method for the determination of aldolase activity of the blood serum
441-442 Miul'berg A.A., Sytinskii Ia..
Isolation from agar blocks of stains bound with proteins
443-444 Severin S.E., Zubovskaia A.M.
Aldolase activity of the cardiac mitochondrium in rabbits
445-446 King E.J.
History of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry
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