1957, Volume 3, Issue 2
83-85 Baev A.A.
Aleksei Nikolaevich Bakh; 100th anniversary of his birthday
86-90 Grebennik L.I., Zakharova Z.F.
Absorption and excretion of vitamin B1 studied by radio-sulfur labelled thiamine
91-101 Makarevich V.G., Laznikova T.N.
Biosynthesis of B12 vitamins in Propionibacterium cultures
102-108 Plekhan M.I.
Study on the cupric biuret complex of rabbit muscle proteins and their degradation products
109-114 Ostrovskii I.M.
Urinary thiamine excretion in patients treated with p-aminosalicylic acid
115-120 Chernikov M.P.
Effect of denaturation and post-denaturation aggregation on the rates of enzymic hydrolysis of proteins
121-128 Savich K.V., Iakovlev V.A.
Content and localization of sulfhydryl groups in different regions of cat brain
129-136 Gromova K.G.
Components of the adenylic system and creatine phosphate in organs of starved rabbits and rats
137-149 Slozhenikina L.V.
Effects of desympathization, deafferentation and deefferentation on carbohydrate and phosphate metabolism and oxidative processes in the gastrocnemic muscle of the cat
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