1963, Volume 9, Issue 5
451-462 Vorobev V.I.
The molecular structure of nucleoprotein complexes
463-469 Krivova A.A., Madievskii Iu.M.
The heat resistance of rabbit blood serum during continuous and noncontinuous ultraviolet irradiation
469-475 Drozdova G.A., Davydova S.Ia.
Protein biosynthesis in mice during the process of malignization of the liver with orthoaminoazotoluene
475-480 Braunshtein A.E., Vilenkina G.Ia., Brusova L.V.
On pyridoxal phosphate participation in the active transport of amino acids through cell membranes
480-485 Dzhaparidze M.N.
Study of the radioactivity of tricarboxylic cycle acids in the tissues of white mice in plague after 2-c-14-acetate administration
485-489 Kudriavtseva V.Ia.
On the effect of cimarine on carbohydrate and phosphorus metabolism in the myocardium in experimental myocarditis
489-494 Anasashivili A.Ts.
Age changes in the glycoprotein and mucoprotein content of the blood serum and urine of healthy persons
495-500 Stepanova N.G.
Hexokinase and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in cellular fractions of regenerating liver and the effect of cortisone
500-507 Kazakova O.V., Orekhovich V.N.
Study of the properties of cathepsins i and ii from transplantable m-1 rat sarcoma
507-514 Iudaev N.A., Pankov Iu.A.
Incorporation of radioactive pregnenolone and progesterone into corticosteroids of hog adrenal homogenates
514-518 Kulberg A.Ia., Bartova L.M.
Isolation of low-molecular antibody fragments from the urine of immunized rabbits
518-521 Medelianovskii A.N., Vialykh M.F., Bogdanova E.V., Frolov V.A., Kiselev O.I.
Data from a selective study of the chemical composition of the warm-blooded heart during systole and diasystole
522-526 Fedorov N.A., Kasatkin Iu.N.
Separation of certain components of human urine on columns of polysaccharide gels and isolation of substance absorbing at 260 mmm
526-529 Khavkin Iu.A., Morozova M.A., Kristallinskaia N.S.
Purification of diphtheria toxin by the gel filtration method
530-531 Manoilov S.E., Komov V.P.
The effect of different doses of penetrating (ionizing) radiations on hemoglobin recombination
531-533 Rozenfeld E.L., Vidershain G.Ia.
Utilization of l-ramnose in animal organs
533-535 Kudriashov B.A., Bazazian G.G., Bonfitto L.L.
Blood lipoprotein lipase and its properties as a component of the physiological anticoagulant system
535-537 Etingof R.N., Shukoliukov S.A.
On the effect of vitamin a on the swelling and oxidative phosphorylation of rat liver mitochondria
537-539 Gaitskhoki V.S.
The pasteur effect in isolated cell nuclei
540-546 Grodzenskii D.E.
50 years of the isotope method
551-553 Evgenii Mikhailovich Gubarev (1903-1963)    
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