1959, Volume 5, Issue 1
Principal aspects of medical chemistry
10-15 Romantsev E.F., Zhulanova Z.I.
Acetylation of paraaminobenzoic acid i roentgen-irradiated rats
16-26 Tolkachevskaia N.F.
Urinary glutamine in children
27-31 Belorybkina L.I.
Effect of mechanical stimulation of the stomach on hepatic biligenesis
32-38 Kapitonova Z.D.
Effect of local effect of roentgen rays on bone marrow iron content and metabolism
39-47 Berezov T.T.
Transamination of dicarboxylic amino acids and of their amines in malignant tumors
48-53 Alekseeva A.M., Timofeeva N.M.
Modification of chemical composition of the testes during atrophy induced by ionizing radiations
54-59 Samarina O.P., Rubetskoi L.S.
Correlation of certain biochemical indices of liver function with its morphological changes
60-66 Domaradskii I.V., Egorova V.D.
Cysteine metabolism in Bacillus pestis cultures
67-72 Iliana B.B.
Studies on the regeneration of proteins in rabbit blood plasma in normal conditions and in liver cirrhosis
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