1956, Volume 2, Issue 5
323-327 Pikkat A.K.
Synthesis of glutathione by hepatoma and ascites carcinoma cells
328-337 Grishchenko E.D., Nikitenko V.V.
Inclusion of methionine into actomyosin and into muscle tissue in chronic lead poisoning
338-345 Chetverikova E.P.
Respiration of cerebrocortical slices isolated from animals in medinal sleep
346-349 Kapralova E.V., Lopushanskii A.I., Siver P.Ya., Zamanskii L.N.
Effect of urea on inclusion of inorganic phosphorus into regenerating tissue
350-356 Gordon B.G., Veselkin N.V.
Intoxication of the central nervous system in hepatic functional disorders
357-358 Gorodyskii V.I., Veselaia I.V.
Sulfur in muscle and tumor tissues
359-362 Beliaev P.M.
Liver nucleic acid content in thermal burns of the skin
363-368 Tseitlin L.A.
Carbohydrate-phosphorus metabolism in the heart and in the liver in rabbits in medication sleep
369-377 Lebedeva L.N., Mishukova E.A.
Composition and biochenical properties of the myocardium in experimental diphtherial intoxication
378-389 Larionova T.I.
Carbohydrate-phosphorus metabolism and oxidation in the liver and in skeletal muscles in normal conditions and in experimental thyrotoxicosis
390-392 Garkavi P.G., Romanov G.V.
Quantitative determination of free amino acids with ninhydrin method of isothermic separation of CO2
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