1960, Volume 6, Issue 1
3-13 Kudriashov B.A.
Physiological anti-coagulation system and its significance
14-18 Konstantinov A.A., Shapiro S.E.
Protein fractions of the blood serum in certain infectious diseases
19-24 Vialykh M.F., Meerson F.Z.
Metabolic processes in the myocardium in experimental cardiac failure
25-28 Nekovaleva N.A., Nikol'skii V.V., Chumakova L.M.
Studies of fatty acids in the blood in normal subjects
34-40 Zbarskii I.B., Perevoshchikova K.A.
On the synthesis of protein in isolated cell nuclei in normal tissues and in experimental tumors
41-48 Markovich A.V.
Electrophoretic analysis of sera of hyperimmunized horses
49-52 Golubentsev D.A., Sazykin G.V.
Tissue respiration and glycolysis in the development of acute radiation sickness
53-56 Babaev Sh.B.
Content of copper in the blood and in other organs in guinea pigs in experimental anemia
57-61 Dzhaparidze M.N., Sidorova N.K.
Studies on the characteristics of metabolism in plague by means of fluoroacetate
62-72 Tarasova L.S., Troitskii G.V.
Effect of vitamin E on the development of nutritional hypercholesterinemia and atherosclerosis
73-80 Morozova E.N.
Lipids in the bone marrow in experimental leukopenia
89-95 Cohen S.
A test for the determination of homogenous characteristics of the metabolism of plasma protein fractions
96-99 Ryzhova A.P.
On the determination of ascorbic and dehydroascorbic acids in the blood
100-104 Golysheva M.G., Rabaeva M.Iu., Liber L.I.
A microbiological method for the determination of vitamin B12 with the aid of Ochromonas malhamensis cultures
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