1959, Volume 5, Issue 5
323-327 Kondrashova M.N., Strachitskii K.I.
Biochemical changes in the cerebral cortex in puppies in natural and medinal-induced sleep
328-332 Apanasiuk M.P.
Phosphorus metabolism and enzymatic activity in the submaxillary glands in cats during secretory function
333-337 Novikova A.A.
Recovery processes in the muscles following removal of tourniquet arresting the blood circulation
338-342 Kiverin M.D., Kiverina Z.I., Misiuk E.M.
Effect of adrenalin on the content of sugar in a transplanted skin flap
343-347 Electrophoretic study of plasminogen    
348-352 Golovin B.P., Sytinskaia O.N.
Steroid hormones and the activity of renal hexokinase
353-357 Prokhorova M.I., Davydova T.I.
Metabolism of glycogen, glucose and lactic acid in the muscle and liver during stimulation of the animal with phenamine
358-361 Rogozkin V.A.
Muscle work and proteolytic activity of the muscles, liver and kidneys
362-366 Tret'iakova K.A., Grodzenskii D.E.
Biosynthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids in the liver and adrenals of rats exposed to the effect of ionizing radiations
367-372 Makarov A.Iu.
Protein fractions of native and heated sera from patients with tumors and inflammatory diseases of the nervous system
373-376 Gorkin V.Z., Ottesen B.V., Alekseev I.V.
Automatic apparatus for uninterrupted registration of optical density of aqueous solutions of certain biologically-important substances in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum
381-387 Mant'ev V.A., Orekhovich V.N.
Apparatus for preparative separation of substances by the method of uninterrupted electrophoresis
388-392 Ilkov A., Nikolov T.
Electrophoresis of soluble proteins in agar gel
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