1962, Volume 8, Issue 4
339-353 Bychkov S.M.
New data on group-specific mucoids in man
354-361 Luganova I.S., Seits I.F.
The content of glycogen and its netabolism in human leukocytes in normal conditions and in leukoses
362-364 Lifshits R.I.
Effect of pyrimidine derivatives on the inclusion of S35-labelled methionine in the blood proteins of rabbits after acute hemorrhage
365-369 Chetverikova E.K., Petukhov M.I.
Formation and oxidation of acetone bodies in the tissues and the change in the content of glycogen and lactic acid in acute hypoxia
369-373 Kivman G.Ia., Rudzit E.A.
Binding of penicillin by proteins in the blood serum
374-376 Il'in V.S., Kil'dema L.A.
On the effect of cortisone and insulin on the activity of hexokinase in leukocytes
376-379 Grigorian V.G.
Enzyme inactivation of isonicotinic acid hydrazide preparations in animal tissues
379-384 Kiuz E.P., Oppel' V.V.
Change in the content of collagen proteins in the skin after experimental burns
384-388 Tsvetkova I.V.
Degradation of neuraminic acid by enzyme preparations from animal tissues
389-391 Khomutov R.M., Karpeiskii M.Ia., Breger M.A., Severin E.S.
On some analogs of cycloserine with antitubercular effect
392-395 Liu Y.T.
Effect of beryllium and other bivalent cations on some intermediate reactions of glycolysis
396-401 Koptelova M.N.
Experimental study of a new anticoagulant Omefin
401-406 Smirnov G.A., Kozulitsina T.I.
Relation of the toxic action of phthivazid to the nature of its conversion in the body
407-411 Kaliman P.A.
Adsorption-fluorometric method for the quantitative determination of the free and bound adrenalin and noradrenalin in the urine
417-419 Petrova G.P.
Examination of the protein fractions in the spinal fluid in meningitis
420-423 Liberman L.L., Dmitrenko L.V., Iaroshevskogo Iu.A.
Isolation of substances with insulin activity from the blood plasma and urine with the aid of ion-exchange resins
424-428 Vlasova E.V., Solov'eva N.I.
A simple method for the preparation of highly purified collagenase
429-431 Livanova N.B.
On the problem of the specificity of protein phosphokinase in rat livers
431-432 Lerman M.I., Mardashev S.R.
Transamination of dicarboxylic amino acid amides in myocardial preparations
435-436 Blinov V.D.
On the graphic registration of the protein-ogram
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