1958, Volume 4, Issue 5
319-322 Babushkina L.M.
Phosphorus compounds in intestinal secretions in man
323-326 Gendon I.Z.
Antitoxic and precipitating antibodies in antitetanus serum A
327-338 Rodionov V.M., Uspenskaia V.D., Zamiatkina O.G.
Effect of total-body roentgen-irradiation on the restoration of serum proteins following blood loss in dogs
339-344 Konstantinova V.V., Libinzon R.E.
Content and synthesis of nucleic acids in the liver in subacute plutonium poisoning
345-350 Purin V.R.
Glycogen of the choroid plexus and age factor in chemical composition of the cerebrospinal fluid
351-358 Savitskii I.V., Vasiutinskaia E.M.
Effect of aniline on certain indices of protein metabolism
359-361 Pavlova I.V.
Problem of oxidation metabolism in the pulmonary tissue in experimental silicosis
365-368 Vyshepan E.D., Porfir'eva R.P.
Ammonia and glutamine content in the brain in bacterial intoxication
370-372 Stepanova M.M., Ivanov I.I.
Vitamin C and aromatic amino acid metabolism in radiation sickness
373-378 Lebedeva N.K.
Protein composition of the kidneys, serum and urine in rats following induction of renal lesions by salts of heavy metals
379-384 Pertseva M.N.
Effect of temporary exclusion of the heart from the circulation in hypothermia on ammonia and glutamine content in the brain
385-391 Debov S.S., Grunt E.V.
Amino acid composition of human epidermis
392-393 Tolkachevskaia N.F.
Academician Vladimir Sergeevich Gulevich; 25th anniversary of his death
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