1961, Volume 7, Issue 1
3-16 Tsvetkova I.V.
Neuraminic acid and its significance in the organism
21-25 Pavlova I.V.
Metabolism of certain amino acids and adenosine triphosphate deamination in the pulmonary tissue
25-27 Iavorkovskii L.I., Mai L.A.
Content of vitamin B12 in the cerebrospinal fluid
28-32 Golubentsev D.A.
Change of the content of macro-energy phosphates in tissues in acute radiation sickness
32-38 Dzhaparidze M.N., Sidorova N.K., Rykshina N.A.
Characteristics of amino acid metabolism in animals infected with plague
42-49 Mirovich N.I.
Proteins in the myometrium in non-pregnant and pregnant rabbits in normal conditions and in disorders of the uterine innervation
49-52 Tatarinov Iu.S.
Comparative immunochemical analysis of gamma-globulins isolated from normal and hyper-gammaglobulinemic sera
55-61 Gurvich A.E., Ispolatovskaia M.V., Miasoedova K.N.
Determination and isolation of antidiphtherial antibodies with the aid of antigens fixed on cellulose
61-65 Lifshits R.I.
In connection with the paradoxical activity of adrenalin in cancer patients and its effect on the action of cholinesterase
65-70 Vladimirov G.E., Miul'berg A.A., Sytinskii Ia..
Electrophoretic separation of soluble human cerebral proteins on paper and in agar blocks
70-74 Andreenko G.V., Kudriashov B.A.
Experimental thrombosis and its prevention with a trypsin inhibitor
74-81 Nikolaev A.I.
Certain data on the nature of immunological specificity of proteins
82-85 Il'in V.S., Triufanov V.F.
Inclusion of methionine-S35 into liver slices of rats with alloxan diabetes in a medium containing glucose or fructose
85-93 Meshkova N.P., Matveeva R.A., Shkarenkova L.S.
Oxidation and carbohydrate-phosphate metabolism of rat muscles in local tetanus
93-96 Iakubovskaia V.I., Kiseleva N.A.
Effect of a minazine on the content and synthesis of cholesterol in the liver in pigeons
97-101 Murav'eva Z.M.
Modification of Hestrin's method for the differential determination of true cholinesterase and pseudocholinesterase
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