1963, Volume 9, Issue 3
232-239 Feldman M.Ia.
Chemical bases in the preparation of viral formalinized vaccines
239-244 Staroseltseva L.K., Ozeretskovskaia N.E., Edelman Z.I., Ananenko A.A., Gershkovich V.I.
Changes in the immunological properties of blood proteins in rheumatic diseases in children
244-250 Tatarinov Iu.S.
Immunochemical analysis of the supernatant fluid after formation of the precipitate in the complex antigen-antibody system
256-260 Niselovskaia L.I., Paderina E.M.
Processes of oxidative phosphorylation in the liver of guinea pigs poisoned with staphylococcal toxin
261-267 Babaev T.A.
Glycoproteins in the blood serum in experimental hyper- and hypothyroidism in rats and in patients with disorders of thyroid function
267-273 Iudaev N.A., Lebedeva M.B.
On the role of the adrenal cortex in the processes of glucose- 6-phosphatase adaptation by the liver in rats
273-279 Kondrashova M.N.
Effect of strophanthin k on phosphorylation and respiration of sarcosomes
279-282 Dobrinskaia M.A., Rubina Kh.M.
Study of lactate dehydrogenase activity in the tissues and blood of rats in normal conditions and in hypoxia
282-287 Manteva V.L.
On the presence of dna-rna complex in animal tissues
288-293 Mogilevskii M.Sh.
Isolation and purification of streptococcal hyaluronidase
294-297 Rozanov A.Ia.
Chromatographic and electrophoretic study of s35-labelled thiamine
298-300 Shapiro M.Ia.
A new colorimetric method for the determination of copper in biological material
301-302 Stranskii Z.
An improved type of electrophoresis chamber
303-309 Preobrazhenskaia M.E., Kuznetsova V.M.
On the quantitative determination of glycogen in the blood
309-311 Villako K.P., Sugasepp E.V., Villako L.A.
On a method for determining phenol compounds excreted with the urine
311-314 Kadykov V.V.
Electrophoresis of sarcoplasm proteins on agar-agar
315-317 Gorkin V.Z., Verevkina I.V.
Partial purification of monoamine oxidase in rat liver mitochondria
317-319 Manoilov S.E., Briukhanov O.A.
Cytochrome effect in irradiation
319-321 Severin S.E., Kondrashova M.N., Nikolaeva L.V.
Adp-like effect of strophanthin k on sarcosome respiration
322-324 Burobin V.A., Leonova N.A.
Detection of histidase and urocaninase in the blood of patients with infectious hepatitis
324-326 Neifakh S.A., Repin V.S.
A protein factor in heart mitochondria intensifying glycolysis
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