1959, Volume 5, Issue 4
243-250 Ivanov I.I., Iur'ev V.A., Novozhilov D.A., Mikhailovskaia L.A., Krymskaia B.M.
Biochemical determination of the functional condition of muscles in poliomyelitis
254-258 Ivanov V.I.
Relation of carbohydrate-phosphate metabolism to the formation of alpha-toxin of Bacillus perfringens
259-264 Shnol' S.E., Shol'ts Kh.F., Rudneva O.A.
Changes in the adsorptive capacity of protein in relation to spontaneous changes in the state of actomyosin in solution
265-273 Oppel' V.V.
Further investigations on the low-molecular products of the splitting of hemoglobin by pepsin
274-275 Lazarov N.I.
On certain peculiarities of gamma1-globulins and their practical significance
276-278 Nedzvetskii S.V., Mikhailova T.A.
Formation of oxycholesterols in starved rabbits
279-284 Kudriashov B.A., Pastorova V.E., Zagorevskaia V.A.
The effects of synkavite (tetrasodium salt of 2-methyl-1,4-naphthoquinone diphosphate) on concentrations of prothrombin and convertin and on the thromboplastic activity of the blood in experimental vitamin K deficiency
285-292 Luganova I.S., Seits I.F.
Respiration, glycolysis and coupled phosphorylation in human lymphocytes
293-298 Zamiatkina O.G., Rodionov V.M.
Investigation of the causes of disordered processes of the restoration of blood proteins in irradiated dogs after blood loss. I. Assimilability of nitrogen and the quantity of consumed food
299-304 Etingof R.N., Khanina M.K., Gershanovich V.N.
Changes in the nutrient growth medium during the process of culture of kidney cells in vitro
305-309 Sventsitskaia M.B.
Amino acids and their distribution between the plasma and formed elements of the blood in leukoses
310-316 Portocala R., Boeru V.
Micromethod of electrophoresis in agar-agar gel
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