1958, Volume 4, Issue 2
83-96 Verbolovich P.A.
Factors influencing the myoglobin content of muscle
97-108 Dreyfus J.C., Schapira G.G., Schapira F.F., Demos J.J.
Studies on the biochemical aspects of human muscle diseases
109-113 Mikhlin S.Ya., Pavlova Z.M.
The effect of aminopterin administration on the fecal content of some enzymes in puppies
114-119 Kuznetsova A.N.
The excretion of urea and ammonia through the gastric mucosa
120-124 Shamrai E.F., Verkhratskii N.S., Kuz'minskaia U.A., Nikonova V.A.
The effect of vitamin P preparation from rose plant on the endurance of animals in a rarified atmosphere
125-130 Pashchenko A.E.
Adrenalin content of the blood of rabbits with experimental hypercholesterolemia (atherosclerosis)
131-138 Chetverikova E.P.
The effect of medinal on the dehydrogenases and the respiratory quotient of liver tissue
139-148 Savchenko O.N.
The metabolism of carbohydrates and phosphates in the brain during hypothermia and hypoxia
149-154 Goshev A.I.
A potentiometric method for the estimation of cholinesterase activity
155-160 Starshov P.D.
The quantitative estimation of riboflavin in urine and blood
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