1957, Volume 3, Issue 1
3-6 Trufanov A.V., Popova G.M.
Biosynthesis of the coenzyme A by cerebral tumors
7-9 Villako K.K., Khange L.L.
Pathogenesis of diphyllobothrial anemia
10-21 Dikanova A.A.
Peculiarities of oxydative and glycolytic metabolism in the smooth muscles
22-29 Kotkova K.I.
Antigenicity and physicochemical characteristics of modified serum proteins
30-35 Domaradskii I.V., Semenushkina A.F.
Some data on the assimilation of glycocol by Pasteurella pestis
36-39 Chagovets R.V., Lakhno E.V.
Effect of aminazine on dehydrogenase activity in the cerebral cortex, cerebellum and muscles
40-48 Smidovich V.N.
Changes in the coefficient of incomplete oxydation of urine in burns
49-53 Smirnova L.G., Chulkova Z.S., Gumina I.I., Zhelokhovtseva I.N.
The level of aminoacids in urine during normal pregnancy and in late toxicoses
54-64 Shnol' S.E., Kondrashova M.N., Shol'ts Kh.F.
Multiphase changes of the ATP-ase activity of actomyosin and myosin preparations under the influence of different factors
65-68 Shveiger G.G., Rapoport S.S.
Direct determination of ammonia in trichloroacetic filtrates of formed elements of the blood
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