1964, Volume 10, Issue 4
339-351 Preobrazhenskaia M.E.
On the biological action of polysaccharides
352-355 Priev I.G.
The effect of artificial feeding on copper and iron metabolism in children during their 1st year of life
356-358 Donskaia L.V., Khaunina R.A.
Cholinesterase activity in the tissues of white mice with experimental poliomyelitis
358-362 Izabolinskaia R.M., Shenker F.I.
On the role of the lungs in the regulation of the content of ketone bodies in the blood
362-367 Zamiatkina O.G.
On the causes of impaired serum albumin synthesis in the rat liver in acute radiation sickness
367-369 Chernova A.A.
Glycogen content and respiratory activity in the cornea burned by acid
370-376 Dovedova E.L., Pigareva Z.D.
Oxidative enzyme activity and respiratory rate in the optical and motor analyzers of certain mammals
376-379 Stroikova N.G., Ivanova L.V.
The lipid and cholesterin content of the rabbit aorta in experimental atherosclerosis
379-386 Pevzner L.Z., Tomina E.D., Chaika T.V.
Cytospectrophotometric research on the dna content of human brain tumor cells
386-393 Dzhelieva Z.N., Kiulian G.M., Trufanov A.V.
Disturbance in folic acid metabolism in vitamin b12 deficiency induced by anti-vitamin b12
393-398 Troitskaia N.A.
The effect of thyroid hormone on blood regeneration
398-401 Romakov Iu.A., Iakavleva L.P., Debov S.S.
The effect of formaldehyde on the viscosity of desoxyribonucleic acid solutions
402-407 Kivman G.Ia., Porfireva R.P.
Binding of novobiocin by blood serum proteins and its determination in serum in the free and bound state
407-409 Kildema L.A.
Age changes in hexokinase activity in human erythrocytes
410-413 Manoilov S.E., Khanson K.P.
The effect of exogenous cytochrome c on oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria isolated from tissues of irradiated animals
413-420 Grozdova M.D.
The content of proteins and nucleic acids in the myocardium under normal conditions and in experimental myocarditis
420-424 Chotoev Zh.A.
Anaerobic breakdown of carbohydrates in the myocardium after injection of serotonin into the myocardium
425-430 Soloveva G.A., Boldyrev A.A.
The effect of carnosine on restoration of working capacity of the nerve-muscle preparation in exhaustion and after diplacin-induced block
431-433 Budovskii E.I., Grachev M.A.
A method for isolating transfer rna from baker's yeast
434-435 Silonova G.V., Lisovskaia N.P., Livanova N.B.
A vacuum-evaporation apparatus for rapid evaporation of liquids
436-439 Chikalo I.I.
Quantitative macroradioautography of the cornea
440-442 Kochetov G.A., Purmel Ia.M.
Effect of temperature on the stability of transketolase
442-443 Ostrovskii Iu.M.
On the mechanism of interaction of thiamine with cytochrome c
444-445 Prokopenko L.G.
Immunological analysis of the gamma-globulin of irradiated and immunized rabbits
445-446 Fomina M.P.
Glucose phosphorylating enzymes in rat liver cell fractions
446-447 Zbarskii I.B., Gauze G.G.
The effect of actinomycin d on the incorporation of labeled amino acids into the proteins of ehrlich ascites carcinoma nuclei
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