1960, Volume 6, Issue 6
559-572 Iudaev N.A.
Problems of hormonal regulation
573-578 Makarov A.Iu.
Glycoproteins in the cerebrospinal fluid and blood serum in diseases of the nervous system
579-583 Zamychkina K.S.
Effect of qualitatively different food loads on the synthesis of phosphorus compounds in the liver and on their secretion with the bile
584-589 Awaad S.., Abdel-wahab E.M.
Electrophoretic examination of serum proteins in alimentary edema in Egyptian children
598-602 Meerson F.Z., Ramenskaia G.P.
Content of nucleic acids in the myocardium in compensatory hyperfunction and insufficiency of the heart
603-610 Gratinov A.G., Khar'kova N.M.
On certain carbohydrate metabolism disorders in plague intoxication
611-614 Tret'iakova K.A., Grodzenskii D.E.
Effect of thyroiodine and thyroidectomy on the rate of synthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids in rats under the influence of radiations
615-618 Barer A.S., Iakovleva E.V.
Effect of centrifugal acceleration on the content of sodium and potassium ions in urine and saliva
619-624 Kantor L.F.
Effect of the denervation on glycogen, ATP and phosphocreatine contents in muscles during experimental hypothyroidism
625-630 Novikova M.A.
Inclusion of sarcolysin-C14 into protein fractions of cell nuclei and cytoplasm of normal and neoplastic tissues
631-634 Kalitsyn D.S.
Dephosphorylation of glucose-1-phosphate by acid phosphomonesterase in the liver during medinal-induced sleep in rats
635-640 Kaliman P.A.
Quantitative determination of adrenalin and noradrenalin in urine by means of a fluorescent method
641-642 Lukomskaia I.S., Gorodetskii V.K.
Use of microcid (glucose oxidase) for the specific quantitative determination of glucose in the blood
643-644 Mardashev S.R., Debov S.S., Feofilova E.P.
On bacteriostatic effects of 5-bromo-6-hydroxypyrimidine
645-646 Udintsev N.A.
Effect of glutamic acid on the metabolism in certain hypoxic conditions
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