1964, Volume 10, Issue 2
115-134 Gorkin V.Z.
Current progress in the study of the nature and physiological role of mitochondrial monoamine oxidase
134-140 Atakhanov E.I., Feigin G.A., Kharatian A.M., Levin G.S., Budianskii M.V., Broide V.B.
Comparative study of the protein and amino acid composition of pathological transudates
140-144 Kuznik B.I., Naumov A.D.
On the origin of the erythrocytic thromboplastic factor
144-148 Kreimer A.Ia.
Changes in the blood serum protein composition in patients with chronic radiculitis during the course of vibratory bath treatment
149-154 Gorkin V.Z., Krivchenkova R.S.
On the mechanism of inhibition of the blood aminoxidase (spermine oxidase) activity by isoniazid
155-158 Iakovlev V.P., Kivman G.Ia.
Binding of benzylpenicillin salts by blood serum proteins
158-163 Vagner V.K., Kolotilova A.I., Korovkin B.F.
The blood serum transketolase reaction in myocardial infarct
163-170 Blinov M.N.
Some biochemical characteristics of cadaveric bone marrow
170-174 Ostrovskii N.N.
On the relationship of copper metabolism and the activity of some copper- and iron-containing enzymes in acute dysentery
174-179 Petrovich Iu.A., Podorozhnaia R.P.
Changes in phosphate binding by proteins of calcified tissues in postnatal ontogenesis and in bone regeneration
179-184 Budnitskaia E.V., Briunfo M., Errera M.
The effect of radiations on rna and rna metabolism in human tumor cells
185-190 Shabanova Ia.
The fatty acid content of the rabbit myocardium under normal conditions and in experimental myocarditis
190-192 Tatarinov Iu.S.
Immunochemical characteristics of the serum paraproteins in a case of beta-myeloma
192-197 Koniukhov S.G.
The anticoagulant properties of diphenazin
197-201 Vasko O.P.
Effect of prolonged tubazid on pantothenic acid metabolism in experimental tuberculosis
201-205 Khachatrian L.L.
Studies on respiration and phosphorylation in the rabbit myocardium in experimental myocardial infarct
205-207 Promyslov M.Sh., Tigranian R.A.
The effect of acute closed cranio-cerebral injury on the respiration and oxidative phosphorylation of brain tissue
208-211 Prokhonchukov A.A.
Study of the incorporation and excretion of methionine-s34 and methionine-c-14 in the proteins of calcinated tissues in rats
212-213 Gershanovich V.N., Burd G.I.
Synthesis of o-nitrophenyl-beta-d-galactopyranoside
214-216 Ilin V.S., Titova G.V.
Sulfhydryl groups of yeast hexokinase: their role in catalysis and in hormone action on enzyme activity
216-217 Galegov G.A., Mardashev S.P.
The effect of d,l-hexafluorovaline on the growth of Escherichia coli
218-219 Tatarinov Iu.S.
Detection of embryo-specific beta-globulin in the blood serum in hepatic cell cancer and the active stage of liver cirrhosis
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