1960, Volume 6, Issue 3
228-243 Pokrovskii A.A.
Role of enzymatic methods in the diagnosis of diseases
244-248 Khanina M.F.
On the characteristics of adenosinetriphosphatase and pyrophosphatase activity of E. coli
249-253 Zakharov N.V., Orlianskaia R.L.
Metabolism of phosphorus compound and proteins in the brain in rats during excitation and convulsions produced by cordiamine
254-259 Kirsanova V.A., Gurevich-usyskina Iu.S.
Inclusion of formate-C14 and nucleoproteins into protein-substances in experimental tumors
260-263 Efimov D.D.
Investigations on purified human serum gamma-globulin by means of a gel immunoelectrophoresis method
264-271 Nosova E.A.
Content of macro-energy phosphates in the brain in dogs during the process of dying and resuscitation in hypothermia
272-274 Zubairov D.M.
Effect of contact with a wet surface on the activity of prothrombin
275-280 Mishukova E.A., Lebedeva L.N.
Characteristics of oxidative processes in the heart muscle in experimental diphtherial intoxication
281-283 Babaev Sh.B.
Content of copper in autopsy material in severe forms of hyperchromic anemia
284-287 Pustovalova L.M.
Isolation of diaminopimelic acid from Vibrio comma
288-290 Domaradskii I.V., Klimova I.M., Perevalova L.G.
Effect of plague microbe toxin on the process of transamination in the liver
291-300 Il'in V.S., Shanygina K.I.
On hormonal regulation of hexokinase reaction in the liver
301-308 Telepneva V.I.
Distribution and determination of adenyl and inosine nucleotides by means of an ion-exchange chromatographic method in the muscles in normal conditions and after denervation
309-315 Luganova I.S., Seits I.F.
Extracellular factors controlling carbohydrate metabolism in the leukocytes
316-320 Starosel'tseva L.K.
Immuno-chemical changes in serum proteins in cholecystitis
321-322 Lazarov N.I.
A rapid method for the determination of potassium in blood serum
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