Effect of experimental hyper- and hypothyrosis on the level of various forms of vitamin A in various tissues of albino rats

Natanson A.O., Grigor'eva L.V.
PubMed Id: 5317627
Year: 1971  Volume: 17  Issue: 4  Pages: 411-414
A method allowing simultaneous assay of the tissue content of three forms of vitamin A (alcohol, ester, aldehyde) was applied for investigation of these forms in liver, kidneys, adrenals and blood plasma in rats with experimental hyper- and hypothyreosis. It is established that compared to control rats, hyperthyroid animals show increased content of vitamin A-alcohol in adrenals with simultaneous decrease in liver of vitamin A-alcohol and especially of its ester. It is supposed that these changes are directly induced by the action of thyroxine on vitamin A metabolism in tissues. During hyperthyreosis, content of vitamin A (alcohol and ester) in liver sharply falls and there is a tendency towards its decrease on blood plasma and adrenals. Approximately the same ratio of alcohol and ester of vitamin A in kidneys indicated its intensive metabolism in this organ. As judged from the absence of changes in content of vitamin A-aldehyde in organs, activation as well as suppression of the function of thyroid gland apparently is not followed by an increase in oxidative transformation of vitamin A in tissues.
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Natanson A.O., Grigor'eva L.V. (1971) Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 17(4), 411-414.
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