Effect of ethanol on stability of cell membranes in experiments using isolated liver

Pokrovsky A.A., Morosov B.V., Tutelyan V.A., Kravchenko L.V., Scherbakova A.I., Gadzhieva Z.M.
PubMed Id: 1210108
Year: 1975  Volume: 21  Issue: 3  Pages: 307-313
Effect of ethanol on functional activity of isolated perfused rat liver was studied (rate of O2 utilization, absorption of bromosulpholeine from perfusate, bile formation); total activity and activity in supernatant of nine marker enzymes were also determined (malate dehydrogenase, beta-glucuronidase, arylsulphatases A and B, beta-galactosidase, beta-glucosidase, acetylesterase, glucoso-6-phosphatase, alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase). Activity of the enzymes was simultaneously studied in perfusate. Ethanol (0.5%) caused distinct impairement in functional activity of isolated liver; rate of bile formation and absorption of bromosulpholeine from perfusate were primarily altered. Degree of impairements in functional activity of liver tissue correlated with the concentration of ethanol in perfusate. In analysis of correlation between the total activity of the enzymes in liver tissue and their activity in supernatants and perfusate it was shown that the concentration (1%) of ethanol used did not produce damaye effect on plasma membranes and membranes of subcellular structures of hepatocytes, but, within certain limits, it displayed a stabilizing effect.
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Pokrovsky, A. A., Morosov, B. V., Tutelyan, V. A., Kravchenko, L. V., Scherbakova, A. I., Gadzhieva, Z. M. (1975). Effect of ethanol on stability of cell membranes in experiments using isolated liver. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii, 21(3), 307-313.
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