The role of insulin in the normalization of impairments caused by hydrocortisone in energy metabolism of liver and spleen mitochondria

Sutkovoy D.A.
PubMed Id: 1216769
Year: 1975  Volume: 21  Issue: 5  Pages: 523-526
Effect of insulin on the oxidative phosphorylation, inhibited by hydrocortisone in mitochondria of liver and spleen tissues, was studied. Administration of insulin simultaneously with corticosteroid was shown to decrease the inhibitory effect of the latter. In mitochondria of liver tissue the increase of inorganic phosphate esterification and the increase in P/O ratio were observed. In the organelles of spleen the increase in oxygen utilization, the activation of phosphorylation reactions, the increase in P/O ratio and in content of sulfhydryl groups occurred. Experimental data are also presented on the energy metabolism in mitochondria of liver tissue and spleen of adrenalectomized rats. The data obtained were similar to that in animals with hypercorticism. Possible mechanisms are discussed of the restoration by insulin of the energy production in mitochondria of the tissues studied.
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Sutkovoy D.A. (1975) Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 21(5), 523-526.
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