Chemiluminescence of the blood serum in the presence of divalent iron salts

Vladimirov Yu.A., Farkhutdinov R.R., Molodenkov M.N.
PubMed Id: 16392
Year: 1976  Volume: 22  Issue: 2  Pages: 216-223
On incubation of diluted blood serum with ferrous ions kinetics of chemiluminescence, typical for lipid containing systems, was observed. It comprised several sequental steps: quick flash, inhibition of the chemiluminescence, slow flash with subsequent steady-state luminescence. At each step of the phenomenon a correlation was found between the intensity of chemiluminescence, the rate of accumulation of products of lipid peroxidation (malone dialdehyde) and concentration of Fe2+ in the mixture. The data obtained suggest that chemiluminescence of blood serum in presence of Fe2+ is due to lipid peroxidation in the serum. Kinetics of the reaction and shape of the chemiluminiscence curve depended upon a number of factors: dilution of blood serum, concentration of Fe2+ added, temperature, pH and (if blood plasma was used) type of an anticoagulant use. Only in blood lipoproteins, mainly in beta-lipoproteins, the distinctive pattern of peroxidation was developed with simultaneous accumulation of malone dialdehyde, oxidation of ferrous ions and ultralow chemiluminescence. In protein fraction of blood serum addition of Fe2+ caused only the quick splash of chemiluminescence without the malone dialdehyde production.
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Vladimirov, Yu. A., Farkhutdinov, R. R., Molodenkov, M. N. (1976). Chemiluminescence of the blood serum in the presence of divalent iron salts. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii, 22(2), 216-223.
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