Biogenic amines in adaptation of the body to muscular activity

Vaisfel'd I.L., Il'icheva R.F., Almaeva S.N.
PubMed Id: 829194
Year: 1976  Volume: 22  Issue: 6  Pages: 758-764
Alterations in content of histamine, serotonin and in the activity of diamine oxidase from brain, heart auricle, lungs and gastrocnemius muscle were found to have various directions in prolonged training (swimming) of rats. Content of histamine and serotonin was altered in lungs and, especially, in heart muscle; in brain and muscle tissues distinct alterations were not observed. Relative histaminemia was developed in heart auricle and lungs as demonstrated by the increase in content of histamine and by the decrease of the diamine oxidase activity in these tissues. Complete exhaustion of serotonin in heart auricle caused a distinct increase in the histamine-serotonin ratio. High effectiveness of retabolyle was shown in maintenance of histamine and serotonin metabolism under prolonged swimming. But when the animals swam with a load, content of serotonin was decreased in heart auricle even after administration of retabolyle. Adaptation of rats to the prolonged physical exercise (swimming) was apparently related to the compensatory function of an organism that was reflected in the studied mechanisms of trophotropic regulation.
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Vaisfel'd, I. L., Il'icheva, R. F., Almaeva, S. N. (1976). Biogenic amines in adaptation of the body to muscular activity. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii, 22(6), 758-764.
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