Effect of new 2-propinylamine derivatives on mitochondrial monoamine oxidase activity

Shatemirova K.K., Davydova G.A., Verevkina I.V., Tichilkin A.I.
PubMed Id: 595495
Year: 1977  Volume: 23  Issue: 5  Pages: 609-618
New derivatives of 2-propinyl amine were studied as possible inhibitors of mitochondrial monoamine oxidases (MAO) from rat liver and brain tissues. Kinetics of inhibition of the MAO activity (A and B types) is described for one of the substances studied -- N-(8-quinolyl methyl)-N-methyl-2-propinyl amine. Interaction of N-(8-quinolylmethyl)-N-methyl-2-propinyl amine with MAO of the A type (serotonin as a substrate) and of the B type (beta-phenylethylamine as a substrate) was studied by the kinetic method, which enabled to determine and quantitatively estimate the steps of enzyme-inhibitor complexes formation. The inhibition of the mitochondrial MAO A and B types by the substance was shown to include the steps of formation of dissociating enzyme-inhibitor intermediates with the subsequent irreversible modification of them. The data on K1 values, estimated in experiments with serotonin and beta-phenylethylamine as substrates, show that the affinity of N-(8-quinolyl methyl)-N-methyl-2-propinyl amine towards MAO of the A type was 10-fold higher than the affinity towards MAO of the B type. The rates of these complexes conversion into irreversibly blocked forms of the MAO A and B types was found to be similar.
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Shatemirova, K. K., Davydova, G. A., Verevkina, I. V., Tichilkin, A. I. (1977). Effect of new 2-propinylamine derivatives on mitochondrial monoamine oxidase activity. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii, 23(5), 609-618.
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