Role of peroxidase in the pathogenesis of parodontosis

Barabash R.D., Gukevich E.K., Berezovskaia Z.V., Varava G.N., Levitskij A.P., Dyachenko Yu.V.
PubMed Id: 377800
Year: 1979  Volume: 25  Issue: 3  Pages: 333-342
In order to study the role of peroxidase in pathogenesis of periodontosis clinical observations were carried out in 132 patients with inflammatory-dystrophic form of periodontal disease and eight species of laboratory and domestic animals were used in experiments. In the patients studied a distinct increase in peroxidase activity was observed in mixed saliva and in gum tissues, which correlated with the severity of the periodontal disease. Inflammatory-dystrophic impairment of cat periodontium was accompanied by an increase in the peroxidase activity only in gum and alveolar process tissues; cats are characterized by the highest amounts of exogenous peroxidase in oral tissues as compared with other laboratory animals. High amounts of exogenous peroxidase did not affect the periododontal tissues of rats during long-term experiments. The main protective effects of the enzyme were as follows: bacteriostatic influence on streptococci in oral cavity and inhibition of leukocyte emifration. Estimation of the peroxidase activity in saliva may be considered as a diagnostic test for periodontosis and may be used to monitore the course of treatment
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Barabash, R. D., Gukevich, E. K., Berezovskaia, Z. V., Varava, G. N., Levitskij, A. P., Dyachenko, Yu. V. (1979). Role of peroxidase in the pathogenesis of parodontosis. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii, 25(3), 333-342.
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