Immunochemical studies of human cathepsin D

Kazakova O.V., Lokshina L.A., Tarkhanova I.O., Orekhovich V.N.
PubMed Id: 6929140
Year: 1980  Volume: 26  Issue: 1  Pages: 114-117
Rabbit antiserum against human liver cathepsin D was raised. The antiserum did not cross-react with cathepsins D from tissues of other species (bovine liver, bovine spleen, chicken liver). The study of cathepsins D isolated from human pathologically altered tissues showed that cathepsins from kidney malignant tumor and from myeloleucosis-induced spleen tumor were immunologically identical to the enzyme from normal liver. Cathepsins from liposarcoma and uterine myoma were characterized by partial identity with the enzyme from normal liver. Cathepsins D isolated from various human livers exhibited individual quantitative differences in antigenic properties, a fact to be taken into account in development of an immunochemical method for identification of cathepsin D. The low immunogenicity of human cathepsin D for rabbits and inadequate suitability of these animals for raising appropriate antisera was also considered.
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Kazakova, O. V., Lokshina, L. A., Tarkhanova, I. O., Orekhovich, V. N. (1980). Immunochemical studies of human cathepsin D. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii, 26(1), 114-117.
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