Immunosorption on active carbon

Gorchakov V.D., Petrunin D.D., Riabova V.L., Evseev N.G., Gofman I.B.
PubMed Id: 7027616
Year: 1981  Volume: 27  Issue: 4  Pages: 544-547
Sorption of specific immunoglobulins in the most obvious mechanism of the detoxicating effect of haemosorption in autoimmune diseases. Biochemical analyses of blood from patients with psoriasis showed that content of immunoglobulins was not distinctly altered before and after haemosorption. Determination of the protein spectrum to find the absorbed components was carried out by means of immunization of rabbits with the carbon suspension, obtained from the patients with psoriasis after haemosorption. Immunoglobulin G constituted the main amount of the absorbed protein. Sorption of albumin was studied in model experiments in order to determine the optimal pore structure of carbon haemosorbents. Capacity of active carbons to the protein sorption depended only on volume of transient pores. These data enabled to work out the recommendations for synthesis of active carbons with improved efficiency to sorption of protein components from blood plasma.
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Gorchakov, V. D., Petrunin, D. D., Riabova, V. L., Evseev, N. G., Gofman, I. B. (1981). Immunosorption on active carbon. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii, 27(4), 544-547.
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