The effect of neuropeptides on memory: prospects for their clinical application

Morozov G.V., Ivanitskiĭ A.M.
PubMed Id: 6474942
Year: 1984  Volume: 30  Issue: 3  Pages: 63-68
Effect of vasopressin on various types of human memory was studied. Vasopressin did not affect the mechanical memory but improved the sense memory, favouring the transfer of the most important for the person information into the long-term memory. This effect was especially distinct if the initial level of memory was low. Vasopressin was also used for fixation of negative conditioned reflexes to alcohol in the course of conditioned reflexotherapy of chronic alcoholism. In presence of vasopressin the conditioned vomiting reflex to alcohol was produced faster and was especially distinct. Catamnestic examination, carried out one year after the treatment, showed the higher ratio of complete remission and a decrease of recurrent negative manifestations in a group of patients treated with vasopressin as compared with controls. Mechanisms of action of regulatory peptides are considered.
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Morozov, G. V., Ivanitskiĭ, A. M. (1984). The effect of neuropeptides on memory: prospects for their clinical application. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii, 30(3), 63-68.
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